Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Lord Directs Our Paths

How many time have you planed out your day and it not turn out the way you thought it would.  How about when you have a speech planned out in your head and you got to speak and you completely say something different then you had planned on.  Sometime this is of our own doing.  Either we make a mistake at the beginning of our day and it changes the outcome for the rest of our day, or sometimes we plan a speech because we want to go talk to someone about something they did to us that hurt us.  In doing so we don't plan on loosing our temper, but we do and say things we never meant to say.  However there are the occasions when God does change our day or our speech for us.  These are the days and the speeches that come out way better then we planned or ever thought they could be.  Yes there are some times things go wrong according to us, but God intends them for good.  Here are some verses that I have had written down in the back of my Bible for some time now and would like to share with concerning this topic
Jeremiah 10:23  O Lord, I know that the way of man is not in himself: it is not in man that walketh to direct his steps.   This verse is saying that man doesn't have it in himself to direct his own paths.  He is incapable of it.  So who directs his path for him if he cannot do it himself?  The answer to this is found in Proverbs 16:9 A man's heart deviseth his way: but the Lord directeth his steps.  You see we do the planing but the Lord leads our steps.  He is the one who shows us where to go when it is time.  Sometimes this means we have to change our plans. Proverbs 16:1  The preparations of the heart in man, and the answers of the tongue, is from the Lord.  You see we can set our heart on saying something or doing something, but when it comes time to say, or do it.  The Lord is the one who has final say, He is the one who causes us to change our plans into something that is far better for us then we could ever think of.  Psalms 121:3 He will not suffer they foot to be moved: he that keepeth the will not slumber.  Psalms 37:23-24 The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way. Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the Lord upholdeth him with his hand.  Although the Lord changes our plans for us he protects us, he never sleeps and never forgets about us.  He keeps our feet on the path he wants us to take and will not let it slip.   The Lord is the one who orders our steps telling us where to go or how to speak, sometime he allows us to fall, but he does not allow us to be crushed by this falling.  The Lord is still holding onto us and giving us a hand to get back up.  Just like a baby learning to walk the parent will take the baby's hand and will allow the baby to fall.  The parent does not let him get hurt in this fall, because they are still holding the baby's hand.  However they allow the baby to fall so he can learn from his mistake and get back up on their feet and try again.  The same is true of the Lord.  He allows us to fall and make mistakes, but he is right there beside us holding onto us waiting for us to get back up and allow him to direct our steps again.

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